Gorgeous design.

Exceptional quality.

Mun Ebony and Ancient Sitka Tenor Ukulele

Quality Timbers

Timber from reputable and sustainable sources. Well seasoned and stored in a humidity controlled room.

Custom Features

All instruments include a radius on the fret board, timber bindings and rosette with purflings as standard. Ask me about custom details and inlay options.

The Finish

Only the highest quality products and careful preparation will produce a flawless finish that will last a lifetime.

My clients love their Barron River Ukulele, and I believe you will too.

  • Soprano Ukulele in Australian Blackwood

    It truly is a fantastic uke. The playability is amazing, it shimmers like the best Kamakas but has amazing presence, sustain, and volume. It is, of course, beyond beautiful. The subtlety of it just adds to the beauty. It's one of the prettiest ukes I have ever seen. It is art.

  • Concert Ukulele in Tiger Myrtle and Lutz Spruce

    This instrument is so easy to play—it sits in my hands so perfectly. Far and away the most comfortable ukulele I’ve ever held. As for the sound—far more beautiful than any other uke I’ve owned. Nothing comes close.

  • Australian Blackwood and Lutz Parlor Guitar

    Thank you for the incredible parlor guitar you just made for me. It sounds even better than it looks, which is a pretty high bar because it is just spectacularly gorgeous. Your workmanship is amazing - as good or better than any other high end luthier’s work I’ve seen.

  • Australian Blackwood Tenor Ukulele

    I’ve just received the tenor ukulele. It’s just beautiful! I’m looking forward to showing it off to my friends and I’m already thinking about ordering a low g tenor.

Custom Instruments

Contact me about building that special ukulele that you've always dreamed of owning.

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