This is a small sample of my work. Clicking on the images will bring up a slide show of that instrument.

Ambrosia Maple and Engelmann Spruce Tenor Ukulele

Curly Ambrosia Maple paired with Engelmann Spruce sound board. Curly Australian Blackwood bindings and Ebony used for fret board, bridge and peg head veneers.

Blackheart Sassafrass and Sitka Tenor Ukulele

Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras with Sitka Spruce soundboard. Paua Shell inlay. Curly Australian Blackwood Bindings with side sound port.

Australian Blackwood and Sitka Spruce Tenor Ukulele

Master Grade Australian Blackwood with a Sitka Spruce Soundboard. There is a side sound port bound with Indian Rosewood as is the body. Gidgee fret board, bridge and peg head veneers.

Curly Maple Tenor Ukulele in Blue

This very curly Maple has had a blue stain applied to bring out the beautiful figure. Wrapped in Curly Australian Blackwood bindings and Ebony fret board, peg head veneers and bridge.

Bocote and King Billy Pine Tenor Ukulele

Bocote has been paired with a King Billy Pine soundboard. I've use black / red / black purflings with off cuts from the sides for a stealth look to the bindings. Ebony fret board and peg head veneers and Gold Gotoh open back machine heads.

Mun Ebony and Ancient Sitka Spruce Tenor Ukulele

One of the most striking instruments I've built. Mun Ebony paired with 3000 year old Sitka Spruce. This is a long neck version of my plan with a 14 fret to body join. Gold MOP inlay adds a very classic vibe to this beauty.

Mango Tenor Ukulele

Mango has all sorts of color and figure depending on it's growing conditions. This specimen comes from Central America. I've used Indian Rosewood for the trim to complement the red brown color palette.

Gidgee with Torrified Sitka Spruce Tenor Ukulele

Gidgee is a dry land Australian Timber. Extremely hard and dense with some amazing figure very occasionally. Paired with a torrified Sitka Spruce sound board, Australian Blackwood binding. Featuring a side sound port and arm bevel.

Rain Drop Figure Koa Tenor Ukulele

This is an absolutely stunning example of Koa that I call Rain Drop Figure". Trim is Indian Rosewood with Pink Abalone Shell rosette and fret markers. Gotoh UPT machine heads

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